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South Africa has seen a large move towards automated homes with smart homes fast becoming the norm. But how do you turn your home into a smart home and isn’t this something only available to the super rich?

A local South African company has developed an app that integrates with a small device connected to your home or business electrical system that turns your smartphone into a key to open any gate, garage or door, in fact, any device that has a motor. The app also allows you to give friends, relatives or employees access at times that you specify and allows you to easily see who has been using the access and at what times.

“Our aim with the Fluss app is to simplify your life by replacing all those pesky remotes, that you always misplace, with a single app on your phone, the Fluss app,” explains Fluss developer, Thomas Davies. “The Fluss app allows you to control anything with an electric motor – gates, booms, turnstiles, doors, even barriers.”

Using encryption to prevent unauthorised access and a two-step verification to authenticate user identity, the Fluss app allows you to provide secure permanent, temporary or even one-time access to friends or colleagues, without needing to give each one a remote. The simple user dashboard also allows you to immediately update a user’s access, meaning no more nightmares over stolen remotes. And because the app works via Bluetooth, Internet access is not required.

“Through our cloud-based dashboard, Fluss keeps detailed, accurate and safe access logs, with complete data privacy, allowing users to know exactly who accessed a site and when,” explains Davies. “All of our cloud-based data is compliant with GDPR and PoPI data protection laws.”

The app runs on both Android and iOS devices.

For more info about the Fluss App visit https://fluss.io/

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