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Issue 1 2022 Information Security

The hybrid working environment has seen more companies embrace the cloud as the means to provide access to data, solutions and services instrumental for business growth. But in doing so, organisations expose themselves to a rapidly evolving threat landscape where sophisticated threat actors target any company regardless of size or geographic location.

Check Point Infinity provides business and technology leaders with a consolidated cybersecurity architecture that prevents fifth-generation cyberattacks across networks, cloud deployments, endpoints, mobile and Internet-of-Things devices. These large scale, multi-vector attacks are designed to infect multiple components of an organisation’s IT infrastructure and are typically characterised by their ability to cause large data breaches.

Available locally through Syrex, a Check Point Software-managed services partner, Infinity delivers a complete security architecture to help companies defend themselves against the growing scourge of malware that includes ransomware, identity theft and phishing.

The Check Point Infinity security architecture delivers collaborative threat intelligence with a modular, agile infrastructure that keeps companies one step ahead of the most advanced cyberthreats facing the corporate market today. It uses cloud-native architecture to protect any asset, anywhere, via innovative Nano Agent technology and a full spectrum of over 60 adaptive threat prevention security protections that are delivered as a service.

Forming part of this is Infinity-Vision, Check Point’s unified management platform that controls Check Point Harmony, Check Point CloudGuard and Check Point Quantum. It is powered by Check Point ThreatCloud, the world’s largest threat intelligence database that leverages artificial intelligence to anticipate unknown attacks and uncover new vulnerabilities, handling 86 billion transactions daily.

The Check Point Infinity-Vision platform centrally manages a company’s security architectures to mitigate attacks effectively in real-time, close security gaps and reduce total-cost-of-ownership. It consolidates management of multiple security layers, providing superior policy efficiency and enabling teams to manage the security of the entire enterprise through a single pane of glass, spanning networks, cloud, mobile, endpoint and IoT devices.

Check Point Infinity is offered as a flexible and predictable enterprise licence agreement to provide businesses with full use of Check Point’s entire portfolio of security solutions in an annual consumption model. The Infinity licence agreement is the first of its kind to include both network security hardware and software, with fully integrated endpoint, cloud and mobile protections with unified management, as well as 24×7 premium support.

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