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Issue 1 2022 Healthcare (Industry)

With more people choosing to age, receive treatment, or recover from it in their own homes, balancing easy caregiver access with protection for the client receiving care is a major challenge. SALTO delivers efficient and reliable access control solutions that integrate with the main home care service provider platforms and enable rapid responses in case of emergency.

When it comes to loved ones, ensuring their personal safety is as important as ensuring they get the right care. SALTO prevents unauthorised access, while saving residents – who may have mobility issues – from having to open their door. It also saves families from having to be on hand for every session of care. Among other benefits, SALTO smart access technology simplifies handovers between carers in the event of unforeseen shift changes, sickness or holiday. It also triggers automated responses in crisis situations.

Greater agility and comfort

SALTO smart access control solutions for assisted living supplement existing locks, which residents and family continue using. With SALTO smart locks, caregivers no longer need to carry lots of separate keys for client homes and waste time finding the right one. Clients, who may have mobility issues, no longer have to get to the door to let carers in. SALTO replaces physical keys with contactless smart fobs, PIN codes or smartphone access.

SALTO also simplifies handovers to carers covering shift changes, sickness or holidays. It gives providers improved visibility over all cared homes and the ability to manage multiple sites from one centralised platform. Data, generated in real-time, can help improve traffic flow and show staff the quickest routes between sites.

SALTO lets the cared-for person, families or home care providers specify days and times when clients’ homes can be accessed by care-giving teams. By providing 24/7 visibility of authorised users, tracking visits in real-time or generating audit trails of who accessed clients’ homes, when and for how long, SALTO gives cared-for people and family members peace of mind while saving them from having to attend every care visit.

Smart locks are installed inside homes and aren’t visible from the exterior. They retrofit to virtually any door without additional modifications, wiring or infrastructure and don’t affect or damage existing locks and keys. If a caregiver loses a smartphone or security credential, its access permission can be revoked instantly, maintaining peace of mind and saving costly lock replacements.


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