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Cybersecurity is regularly cited as one of the top five issues concerning CEOs, according to global reviews of the largest oil and gas plants, ports, utilities and consulting engineering firms. WorldsView, a value-added distributor of software and solutions, now offers Terranova Security – a cybersecurity awareness training solution – to customers across Africa.

Terranova Security was developed over more than 20 years and is focused specifically on security awareness training and phishing. It is also the global partner of choice for many recognised leading brands such as Microsoft, Nestlé, Volvo, and PepsiCo.

“What makes Terranova unique is that they offer a platform that is easily deployable, available in 40 languages, with an easy-to-build customised learning path of each client. All content is developed internally and managed for a global campaign,” says Robyn-Jill van Dyk, the lead of WorldsView’s newly established Cyber Security Solutions and Products segment. In addition, the platform’s content evolves in line with the development of security threats and changing regulatory obligations.

Explaining the value of a training platform subscription as a cybersafety solution for all industries, Van Dyk says: “Despite the best systems in the world to prevent hacking, the biggest weakness of any system is the human factor. Where unaware employees opening or clicking on the wrong links will put the entire organisation at risk. Any organisation that has access to the Internet via computer, mobile or tablet should be doing some form of ongoing cybersecurity awareness training”.

A Terranova Security subscription delivers access to a training framework and a catalogue of training activities or tasks, for the efficient deployment and tracking of training campaigns. “The powerful course assembly capabilities in the Terranova platform provide the ability to create modular, highly-targeted training campaigns – a critical factor in changing behaviour over time,” explains Van Dyk. In addition, the Terranova management platform enables organisations to distribute training content, as well as enrol, manage and monitor their participants. In addition, it facilitates evaluation of knowledge retention, while tracking and reporting participation and progress on learning outcomes. This is ideal for any organisation involved in either the design, construction or maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, or manufactured products.

Terranova is a cloud-based programme or software as a service (SAAS). This means that staff can be trained anywhere, at any time, which is ideal if employees are working remotely. “It also means that courses can be set up for specific roles or audiences and the tasks do not have to be completed at once; they can be completed within a period stipulated by the administrator,” adds Van Dyk. Courses can also be repeated at the leisure of the end users with no extra cost to the organisation.

The 94% year-on-year customer retention of Terranova Security is evidence of the high levels of customer satisfaction with the solution, its user-friendly implementation and the efficient customer service.

“We believe we are well positioned to support our customers in managing cybersecurity risks,” she says. The new segment is trading officially as of 1 December 2021, and has started partner onboarding, with plans to host an official launch of Terranova Security in due course. “We will be using our experience with the ‘hard hat’ community to offer them suitable cyber security solutions through our specialised reseller channel in Africa,” concludes Van Dyk.

For more information contact Robyn-Jill van Dyk, WorldsView, +27 11 844 1000, [email protected],

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