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Biometric solutions have become the focus in many discussions lately as businesses look for more sophisticated security solutions beyond the traditional identification badge and access control system. Although they have much to offer, biometric technologies have not yet become fully integrated in physical security environments on a widespread basis.

In general, biometrics has been implemented only in selected small-scale projects at airports, or in IT companies where intense security has been needed. There are a few reasons that biometric technology has not yet achieved its potential in the physical security arena. As it is the case with many other services and systems that any business requires to operate effectively, integrated security management platforms is no less important.

A substitute to an interfaced system is a seamlessly integrated solution in which all the component functions operate flawlessly together, collectively behaving as one system. In a truly integrated environment, biometric data is treated like any other data. In such an environment biometric readers are components of an access control system and behave like access control readers.

Integrated biometrics

But the solution can go beyond. ZK’s biometric readers are installed on an enterprises’ doors, safes, machines and other equipment. Managing the readers, controlling access, setting up alerts and running the reports are done remotely using a standard Internet connection and the software. The software can control one single location, or a chain with thousands of locations. Because of the ability of the solution to go just about anywhere, this has made the integration of biometrics into a system much easier.

Along with the ease of remote access management and identity, the real-time reporting is what sets the system apart. Data collected by the biometric readers can be reviewed in real-time, allowing enterprise security leaders to know what event happened, where it happened, when it happened and for how long it happened. Security can also have text message alerts sent out instantly whenever suspicious activity occurs.

When it comes to integrated security solutions, one refers to a solution that bundles together different aspects of physical as well as electronic security to provide an holistic mechanism that contributes to the overall risk management strategy of the organisation. Components of this solution may include (but are not limited to) CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, alarm systems, fire detection and suppression systems, electric fence, entrance control systems, physical guarding and so on.

The extent as well as the scope to which each entity may require these systems is determined by the risk profile of each one of them as some will need more than others. The key factor at the end of the day is how these systems can be integrated to make the use thereof easily manageable and how responsive the integrated solution is to the daily operational needs of the commercial client.

Integrating visitor management

In addition, having a visitor management app will not only enhance efficiency within any property, but it ensures that visitors be registered within seconds, with all necessary information captured. Such an app enables authorised personnel or even the residents within an estate or the employees of a company to preregister visitors, thus helping to streamline the waiting process at the entrance of any property.

The app also ensures the handling of visitors is in accordance with the company’s policies and allows time for a watch check list before the visitor arrives. Visitor approval is sent to the authorised personnel via the app which is connected to a mobile device and the proper access rights can be assigned. All information is stored in a secure database and can be conveniently retrieved for repeat visits. Additional information can be gathered with visitor details to simplify future contacts. The visitor management app also allows the user to track visitors, assets and deliveries as they enter and exit the premises. It helps improve the efficiency, security and visitor service of any residential or commercial property.

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