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J2 is a cybersecurity-focused technology group founded in 2006, serving over 200 customers on three continents. It provides modern and effective cybersecurity solutions to customers of all sizes.

J2 enables its customers to adequately respond to changing cyber threats through continuous monitoring, risk identification and rapid detection and remediation. Its focus is to improve your security by improving visibility, because you cannot manage what you cannot see.

Its goal is to provide managed cybersecurity for every business, because the lack of cybersecurity skills should not prevent you from being secure. J2 uses its proven approach of getting things done to drive cyber resilience and ensure ongoing and continuous improvements in the cybersecurity maturity of any business.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach at J2 Software, its works in partnership with its customers and sales partners and makes sure that it moves beyond a tick-box exercise and provides real value.

Its target customers are organisations looking to improve their cyber resilience and remain protected in a changing world. The cyber threats have evolved and so should your cybersecurity service provider.

People do business with J2 Software because of its openness, honesty and dogged drive to provide practical solutions to a modern world. It will not deploy tech for the sake of tech but rather work together with its customers to provide a technology capability that is led by security.

J2 Software provides a range of solutions and services which fit together to form a cohesive, managed and comprehensive cyber resilience programme. It helps make sure that the basics are covered and builds outwards to make sure that all aspects are covered. It is llong-term partners with Dtex Systems, Mimecast, Microsoft, AT&T; (AlienVault) and a range of other vendors.

This is supplemented by professional services around the security stack to to improve and build resilience, whether it is patching, EPP, backup and other related items. Its account takeover monitoring service also allows you to remediate threats as they occur, not once they are a full-blown breach.

An end-to-end understanding of what is being protected and world class service is what really matters and that is non-negotiable.


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