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Personal security is one thing that is entirely up to us as individuals. Personal security is a choice that we have to face every single day in our country. Personal security is a condition that occurs after adequate efforts are taken to deter, detect, delay, deny and defend before a possible crime is committed.

This can be done in several ways, which include, but are not limited to, perimeter security, including CCTV for intruder detection. Gates and gate motors that work properly will attempt to delay and even deny access for intruders to the property. CCTV in and around your property allows you to detect a potential threat, or even lights that switch on automatically are a good deterrent and detector. An alarm system with the armed response is also a deterrent, as well as a defence mechanism against unwanted intruders.

Dashcams and body cams can assist in keeping your vehicle safe, deter potential hijackers, or thieves from stealing your assets. Through software, one can check for driver fatigue and behaviour.

Solar-powered cameras are an invaluable solution for large areas without any power or experiencing constant power outages. Construction sites make constant use of these cameras as they are easy to move around and do not require any power.

Access control is also personal security in that it prevents unwanted visitors in your home or office. It keeps your staff safe and can also assist with time and attendance and payroll.


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