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A security company’s control room needs to be able to have a real-time method of talking to site. For this they use a radio network. This uses repeaters that are strategically placed to bounce signal so communication is possible. Putting up a repeater network is, however, very costly and getting through to the site is often a challenging task because repeaters are down or channels are cluttered, putting guards in a vulnerable position.

The Push-to-Talk (PTT) network is fast taking over the site communications of guarding sites. Onguard’s Guard Patrol radio uses the global PTT service with the backbone based on the GSM cellular network. Because the network is so vast, the reliability of making contact is so much faster. Communication is placed into groups, so channel clutter is a thing of the past.

Many security companies offer a guarding and a response service to customers, often sharing a radio channel. Many are now moving to PTT to avoid clogging communication for their response colleagues who require fast and reliable communication.

The patrol radio is modular-based and has a host of features that make the life of a security guard easier. Added to the voice aspect, the radio will send the guard to do a patrol, allow for live tracking as well as time and attendance. By equipping guarding sites with the Guard Patrol radio, you don’t only make communication more reliable, you have the ability to manage the guarding site more efficiently and will save on setup costs.

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