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Issue 8 2021 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

In today’s world, everyone has to take security seriously. Protecting our homes, our families, our offices, businesses and communities is always a primary concern and priority for all South Africans.

Most people have armed response services protecting their homes and businesses. Some people have even hired extra guards to be positioned at the gates of their property. We rely on human responses such as guards, neighbours, police, local community patrols etc. to protect us when we are most vulnerable.

In a world where technology is proving to be more reliable than human factors, we need to look at alternative options to our security. In the early 70s, people started relying on technology to aid us in ‘early warning’ with alarm systems. Over the years these systems have become more advanced and we see an increase of installations year on year. The problem we still face as a country is our crime stats are increasing on a drastic scale. Our alarms and armed responses are still effective, however, waiting for help to arrive is a scary reality we still face.

It is time to stand up for ourselves, time to combine non-lethal defence options to our alarms and assets to protect what we value most. One option is D-Pepper spray systems that will detect and deter criminals.

D-Pepper systems has a solution to meet any need. From small systems to big industrial systems. From indoor to outdoor systems. For your home to commercial and industrial infrastructure.

For more information contact Tammy Van Zyl, Digicell, +27 87 223 4448,,

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