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Backup data is a primary target of ransomware and legacy backup storage systems often expose their customers’ last line of defence to the attack. StorONE's new S1:Backup works with Veeam, Rubrik, HYCU, Commvault and others to ensure backup data is immutable to ransomware attacks and extends the value to backup infrastructures while lowering the total cost of backup storage ownership.

"When we examined the points of exposure, we discovered a gap between backup software innovations and storage hardware capabilities, which led to vulnerabilities and higher cost," said Gal Naor, StorONE's CEO. "Legacy backup storage is the cause of that gap. S1:Backup fills it and enables companies to complete their ransomware recovery strategy and extract the full value from modern backup software by eliminating ransomware concerns and elevating backup to deliver high-availability."

Flexible ransomware resiliency

If they offer it, legacy solutions force customers to use S3 for immutability. S1:Backup delivers immutability across all its protocols, including NFS, SMB, S3, iSCSI, Fibre Channel and NVMe-oF. S1:Backup delivers 100% ransomware resiliency:

• Captures every backup job into an immutable state.

• Retains immutable copies indefinitely without impacting performance.

• If attacked by malware, rolls back to a 30-second old immutable copy.

Lowest possible recovery point objectives capabilities like block-level incremental (change block tracking) backups enable customers to reduce their exposure to a ransomware attack or other failure. However, a high frequency of backup jobs puts too much strain on hard drive-only backup storage technology, and all-Flash backup storage is often too expensive for the use case.

S1:Backup solves the problem by auto-tiering between a generous Flash tier and up to a 15 PB+ hard-disk tier to deliver:

• Support for hundreds of simultaneous backup jobs per hour for low RPO (recovery point objective).

• The lowest possible backup costs thanks to maximum performance from a small number of Flash drives and 90% utilisation of high-density hard disk drives.

S1:Backup delivers built-to-last backup storage supporting the highest-density hard disk drives (HDD) without compromising availability. It can scale to 15+ PBs in a single cluster for long-term data retention while delivering high-performance backup and recovery. S1:Backup provides real support of high-density HDD:

• Fastest RAID rebuilds, recovering from 18 TB drive failure in two hours (competing solutions take days).

• Unique bit-error-rot protection, critical for long-term retention.

• Ultimate flexibility: mix new drive densities without creating new volumes or reconfiguring backup jobs.

The backup-server software's instant or live recovery features provide a dramatic reduction in recovery times. The problem is that the overhead of legacy backup-storage software makes the performance of that instantly recovered VM or application unusable and risky. S1:Backup has the flexibility to be standby-production storage. IT can now take the time required to investigate the ransomware attack, software bug or hardware failure that instigated recovery without impacting users or applications.

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