People management: analytics and AI

Issue 7 2021 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The whole world as we know it was turned on its head and drastically changed over the past 18 months through the impact of the pandemic. Customers’ behaviour and spending patterns all were impacted, as well as employees working from home and travelling less. Some industries’ activities came to an absolute standstill whereas some other industries thrived.

Due to all these new challenges, organisations, either prepared or unprepared, were forced to accelerate their drive toward digitisation to allow their business operations as well as their employees to cope with the ‘new normal’. As part of this whole transition process, analytics and artificial intelligences’ importance greatly increased to assist businesses to gain insight and a better understanding of the ever-evolving behaviour of employees, customers and suppliers.

Depending on the industry, companies are relying heavily on analytics to gain more business intelligence in terms of improving internal efficiencies, profitability and customer experience. These analytics could be obtained using normal analogue or IP cameras to provide information for organisations and also to ensure they comply with various regulations of safety requirements, e.g. wearing of personal protection equipment and enforcing Covid-19 protocols.

Some of the analytics offered by the SecuVue solution include facial collection and recognition, people counting, activity heatmaps, privacy, intrusion detection watch list management, which provide added benefits in terms of security management.


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