Snap technology for data racks

Issue 7 2021 IT infrastructure

Snap technology provides a unique alternative to traditional fastening methods. It is currently used in the assembly process of many industrial enclosures and has the potential to be used in many other areas such as household appliances, industrial machinery, HVAC equipment, automotive and the furniture industry. Until now, this mechanism had not been associated with fasteners. The basis for the new concept is a spring lock commonly used in doors for homes and rooms.

Snap technology was developed to provide an alternative fastening system that is superior to traditional fastening solutions techniques in terms of installation and security. Snap elements are integrated into completely preassembled snap fasteners that can be installed very quickly and simply, without any parts that can get lost.

The advantages of Snap technology for data racks:

• High strength and secure locking. The DST (Dirak-Snap-Technology) can withstand high load conditions and guarantees connection and pull-forces equal to traditional fastening solutions.

• Join different types of material. DST products are available for different types of materials such as sheet metal, plastic or wood for your individual application requirements. If necessary, reinforcement plates are available to increase strength and load capacity.

• Rattle, vibration and seismic-proof. DST products are vibration resistant and can withstand the heaviest strains without compromising their high-strength connections.

• Error-free and reliable assembly, even in hard-to-access applications. DST ensures proper installation for your applications. The risk of assembly errors, such as improper torque specs are eliminated. An audible click confirms proper assembly which is helpful especially in hard to access applications.

• Secure and grounded. In addition to providing strong and secure connections, DST components offer safe and reliable electrical grounding with its grounding clips.

• Tool-less and quick assembly. DST products can be mounted in seconds without the use of any tools.

• Safe and convenient. Many DST products are as easily disassembled as they are assembled. Depending on the individual product, this can be done with the special DST tools. Components requiring specialised DST tools are recommended in cases where vandalism or theft are concerns. Overall, the fasteners can be conveniently and easily removed for repairs or transportation.

Reduce your assembly times by 70%, make confined assembly easy and reduce labour strains with DST.


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