Body-worn cameras a valuable security tool

Issue 7 2021 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The deployment of security personal within the hospitality, leisure and entertainment locations, such as hotels, casinos and resorts, certainly brings an assurance to the patrons that they are being protected. The presence of uniformed security guards gets noticed with appreciation by the people who have come to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

However, in more crowded locations, such as shopping malls and sports stadiums, the guarding team would sure need more tools to manage these environments. It goes without saying that shoppers and stadium audiences feel more secure when they see a good number of well-equipped, competent, guarding officers. This applies to the patrons of the hospitality segment as well.

For a long time, the body camera as an extra tool has enhanced the guarding efficiency whenever heightened challenges occur. Today, cutting-edge bodycams have advanced features, including live play with PTT (push-to-talk) communications.

As an example: When a guard gets involved in a disturbing situation, he calls the control room with his PTT and the controller can immediately select on-demand live video play information to assess the situation and rapidly support the guards on the ground with best procedures and actions to calm any predicament.

At the same time, the guard is recording vital video data material for post analysis and identification of perpetrators, therefore making the forensic research a much easier task.

Having PTT functionality built into their bodycam, the guarding personal have direct communications to the control room in a single all-in-one device which is user friendly, as opposed to carrying various components, such as a separate two-way radio.

BetaTrac’s new RapidCam LV is now available in South Africa. The RapidCam LV allows for real-time transmission of voice and video from the patrol to all those support resources that are needed to enable the effective deployment of relevant counter measures.

In addition, the RapidCam LV continues to offer secure local and remote video recording for further incident analysis. The RapidCam LV therefore is set to become an indispensable tool for any security operation that has been tasked with crowded entertainment venues and events.


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