Revolving door at uMhlanga Sands

Issue 7 2021 Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)

Located in the sunny town of uMhlanga Rocks near Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, uMhlanga Sands Resort offers beautiful ocean views, great amenities and easy access to the beach-front promenade.

The resort management recently enhanced its environmental stewardship, while simultaneously decreasing its energy usage with the installation of a 3-metre diameter Turnstar Atlas automatic revolving door. The Atlas is a prestige solution for building entrances and brings together reliability and upmarket aesthetics in one package.

“A revolving door will save you money and help preserve the environment, one step at a time. That’s because conventional hinged and sliding doors can allow up to eight times more airflow than a revolving door, which creates a draught block between the inside and outside of a building. Lowered air-conditioning and heating costs and a lower carbon footprint mean that a Turnstar revolving door is a win-win solution,” says Craig Sacks, CEO of Turnstar.

The frame and ceiling of the Atlas door are manufactured from brushed 316 stainless steel, the glazing is made from 8 mm toughened curved glass and the three glass wings are standard 12 mm frameless toughened glass. “We’ve added stainless steel brackets for the fixing of the curved glass, which is perfect for coastal areas where corrosion is an issue and we’ve used structural high-density silicone for the glass surrounds to ensure an airtight seal and excellent security features. A night lock bolt is fitted to one of the glass wings to ensure that no unwanted people enter the building after-hours, when the door is not in operation,” says Sacks.

A motion detector at both the external and internal entrances initiates rotation automatically and the servo motor operates at a low torque to ensure that pedestrians have sufficient time to move through the door from the outside to the inside and vice versa. Furthermore, the optical rubber safety edges fitted to the entry uprights allows instantaneous stopping upon activation to prevent injury to pedestrians.

Sacks highlights the technology used to ensure the durability and reliability of the door. “We’ve used deep groove sealed bearings to provide extra longevity. In addition, the heavy-duty motor and gearbox are in a direct drive arrangement, with no chains or belts, thus eliminating wear and the need for maintenance.”

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