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Issue 6 2021 Transport (Industry), Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Products, Logistics (Industry)

The South African transport and logistics sector supports the second-largest economy on the continent and is relatively sophisticated. Local and international companies use South Africa as a gateway for their operations into Africa. However, under-investment in maintenance, security and infrastructure development has created challenges for the efficiency of the logistics system. While hampering efficiency, this aspect at the same time presents opportunity for improvement and investment.

At present, many organisations in South Africa do not have the skills to utilise digital technologies effectively. This represents a significant opportunity for digital skills development and knowledge transfer regarding the benefits of these technologies across the logistics sector. Solutions are required across the board to reduce the overall cost of logistics for increased competitiveness. A complete fleet management platform for the transportation and logistics business is required.

By utilising digital technologies, companies will be able to compete on value addition rather than on price alone. IoT platforms enable transparent, responsive supply chains by locating and tracking the movement of goods in real-time. By using sensors and mobile devices, vehicles and other equipment become nodes in the IoT. New technology developments have the potential to counter increasing costs through improved efficiencies, which are essential in this contracting economic environment.

Developments can support new business models, thus facilitating increased profitability. Appropriate adoption of new technology can assist companies to remain relevant in a changing market, thereby facilitating long-term competitiveness. New technology adoption can facilitate cost-effective responses to environmental compliance pressures.

ZKTeco has a wide variety of access control and tracking solutions. Tackle operational efficiencies, safety, security and compliance requirements with a comprehensive solution from ZKTeco so you can focus on growing your business.

ZKTeco’s long range UHF scanning and tracking terminals which can be used for access control, asset tracking and people tracking provide an effective measure. The long range UHF readers can scan between 1 m and 12 m, depending on the scanner type and angle at which it is installed. In combination with these scanners, the company also has a wide variety of tags available, which is used to tag and identify the specific asset or person being tracked or granted access to a specific area or gate. The tags come in ranges of vehicle window tags, asset tag stickers, high heat tags, vandal-proof and rugged tags, people armband tags and many more different types to choose from.

The tags can be epoxied to an asset, or stuck onto an asset in a sticker format, or even bound to an arm or leg of a person. The long-range UHF scanners communicate directly to the InBio series access control panels, which would make installation onto an existing ZKTeco site effortless and speedy.

The ZKTeco long-range UHF scanners are compatible with most Wiegand interfaced readers, as it transmits information on a tag in the Wiegand protocol to the control panel or master unit. Some integrations are mostly plug-and-play, but in more protocol and format-sensitive system environments, some development for the interfacing of these scanners may be required, but this can be easily assisted with our team of developers based in South Africa and China.

For more information contact ZKTeco (SA), +27 12 259 1047,,


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