Mobile PoE NVR

Issue 6 2021 Transport (Industry)

Start your journey with Kedacom’s SVR2420 series mobile PoE (Power over Ethernet) NVR (network video recorder). This smart recording device is a solution that has been tailored to suit installations ranging from a truck to a forklift and it is easy to use and install.

The NVR is equipped with automatic network selection, a built-in GPS module and a pluggable HDD (hard disk drive) drawer, facilitating and absorbing any bumps along the way. The reliable design includes its shockproof unit, low power consumption, fan-less design (with heat dissipation shell) and embedded Linux operating system. These features make the unit extremely robust. It supports two 4-terabyte hard drives.

The SVR2420 is ONVIF-conformant, making it a suitable choice for your mobile NVR upgrade. The model range supports 8- to 12-channels and all mobile networks are supported with the NVR’s dual SIM capabilities, complemented with 4K, 30 fps performance video decoding.


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