New security area at truck stop

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From asphalt to apps, Bosch has implemented a connected security solution for the Frechen truck stop to protect people and freight from assaults. The modern parking area near Cologne now has around 40 parking spaces that meet the high security standards of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) according to the Level 2 certificate and are therefore particularly secured.

From now on, forwarding companies can book these via the Bosch Secure Truck Parking app. The fully connected solution ensures maximum security: more than 20 security cameras with intelligent video analytics by Bosch monitor the four-gated entrances and exits as well as the parking area. In addition, a pedestrian interlock ensures that only authorised persons can enter the area.

The reason for this solution is a shortage of some 400 000 secured truck parking spaces in Europe. This has serious consequences for the safety of drivers, goods manufacturers, freight forwarders as well as other road users, as trucks often have to park in an unsafe manner contrary to traffic regulations.

“The truck parking shortage along German roads is unfortunately a daily occurrence. Everyone has seen the lines of unsafely parked trucks along the highways. The fact that thieves in particular take advantage of the precarious situation is felt by companies like us that transport goods throughout Europe,” explains Rein de Vries, senior manager: security from Samsung SDS. In close coordination with Samsung SDS, Bosch has developed the solution that has now been implemented.

“Secured truck parking lots, just like the one in Frechen, are important for our transport of goods. That’s why we were happy to contribute with our know-how and experience to this project.”

A loss of 8,2 billion Euros a year

A recent study by TAPA illustrates the urgency of the situation: The organisation estimates the financial damage caused by stolen freight across Europe at around 8,2 billion Euros annually. Alongside the United Kingdom, Germany is one of the countries most affected by cargo theft. Thieves usually take advantage of the situation at night, when the truck is parked unprotected and the driver is asleep. Consumer goods or car parts are among the most sought-after goods, as are jewellery, precious metals or food products.

“On behalf of the site operator, we acted as general contractor to implement a certified complete solution for the Frechen truck stop that protects drivers and freight alike,” explains Uwe B. Herrmann, project manager at Bosch Building Technologies. “The parking lot is now securely enclosed, gated, illuminated in a way that saves energy and equipped with intelligent technology.”

With the help of AI-based video analytics, the security cameras immediately detect risks and unwanted movements and sound the alarm at the Bosch video control centre. Audio technology built into video cameras allows control centre staff to immediately contact people on the premises and notify security forces or police if necessary.

Regular virtual guard tours round off the security concept. Booking parking spaces also works efficiently and digitally: Parking spaces can be booked via the Bosch Secure Truck Parking web portal or app. Truck drivers can pass through the barrier and drive onto the premises with digital licence plate recognition.

“Freight forwarders can now reserve the new secure parking spaces in the Cologne catchment area, which not only meet high security standards, but have also been developed to meet the needs of transport companies,” said Dr. Jan-Philipp Weers, head of Bosch Secure Truck Parking.


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