Cathexis Africa welcomes new managing director, Dene Alkema

Issue 6 2021 Editor's Choice

South Africa’s leading video management software company is starting a new chapter in the region with the appointment of a new managing director of Cathexis Africa, Dene Alkema. Passionate about the company’s technology and excited about its continued market leadership as a trusted technology vendor, Alkema says, “Our aim is to keep on listening and engaging with customers to ensure that we respond to their changing environments with effective solutions.”

Dene Alkema.

With the promotion of Alkema to managing director, Cathexis Africa is positioned to continue providing customer-centric, innovative video management solutions.

Cathexis Africa has been led by Gus Brecher since its inception 14 years ago and in that time has grown into the leading VMS company in the region. Brecher, who is shifting his focus to global markets and other areas of the Cathexis business, has worked closely with Alkema for almost a decade. He is confident about the next phase of Cathexis Africa under Alkema’s leadership. “Dene is well respected in the marketplace,” says Brecher, “and he has the skills, experience and knowledge of the industry to ensure that Cathexis Africa continues to flourish”.

The application of Alkema’s substantial experience and expertise has brought great value to Cathexis Africa, first through his role as the sales manager responsible for the company’s inland region in South Africa, before being promoted to lead the South African team as national sales manager. Alkema’s formative background in customer-focused business development honed his skills in understanding customer engagement, sales processes and the complexities in engineering and development cycles.

Cathexis Africa’s ability to offer innovative and reliable solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs is an extension of the company’s structure and ethos. The development, support and sales teams all work closely to produce holistic solutions for end users. Alkema cites the benefits of being situated in the same country as the engineering division: “It naturally affords me a deeper insight into the core workings of our technology, the approach to development and the ethos of the team of engineers who drive our innovation process”. Being part of the dedicated Cathexis team “creates such confidence in our ability to offer solutions to our customers and also knowing that we can support our customers into the future”.

As a mature technology vendor in a rapidly advancing technological landscape, Cathexis Africa has focused its development to ensure that its product innovation is always coupled with the stability and integrity of the solution. CathexisVision’s integration agility is a major strength, offering advanced solutions which enable the streamlined monitoring of a variety of systems. Cathexis Africa’s close relationships with its technology partners and the proven effectiveness of its solutions, provide an excellent foundation from which to approach new markets and customers.

With Dene Alkema at the company’s helm, Cathexis Africa is set to build on its strengths and continue providing holistic solutions to markets in the SADC region and beyond.


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