Secustar X-ray machine

Issue 5 2021 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

The Secustar JC6040 X-ray inspection machine from Elvey uses parallel data transmission technology for 10-to 20-times faster transmission network times. The machine is extremely easy to use, with a touch mouse multi-function console built onto the side of machine. The ON/OFF key, which allows the device to automatically boot or shut down safely and the simple interface, add to the user friendliness.

The Secustar has energy saving and environmental protection where the machine only operates when objects are placed on the conveyor belt. When bags are placed on the conveyor, the machine will start to work automatically, removing the chance of human error. A further environmental consideration includes double-deck lead curtains to prevent leakage of X-rays.

The Secustar is accurate and fast with a turnaround time on objects of between 0,02 and 0,2 m/s. The machine is able to penetrate steel to a depth of 35 to 38 mm.

The image processing on the machine displays organic materials in orange, inorganic materials in blue, mixed materials in green and hard-to-penetrate objects in black. Super image enhancement images provide details clearly and grey scanning is used to distinguish materials.

The machine is equipped with the ability to brighten or dim the image brightness and image restoration restores the image to its original state. Stored images can be saved in real-time, allowing scanning to continue during the saving process.


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