X-rays and artificial intelligence

Issue 5 2021 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

The use of X-ray scanning technology to detect hidden threats and contraband has proven itself an invaluable tool for the protection of lives, livelihoods and property. Over the years, significant strides have been made in terms of generating the perfect image, while offering the screener the highest probability of identifying hidden items in luggage and baggage that may pose a threat.

This has been achieved by constantly improving the systems’ advanced software features and penetration abilities to detect and highlight these objects. At the forefront of these pioneering efforts is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of security screening systems, Astrophysics.

The greatest challenge to any security screening environment is the human factor. For this reason, continuous innovations and enhancements are required to improve these advanced detection tools and the related analytical software. Astrophysics is at the forefront of these innovations, revolutionising solutions that push X-ray technology forward.

The introduction of ‘industry-first’ and exclusive six-colour technology for easier material discrimination has now been taken even further to eight-colour imaging, which delivers even greater accuracy by quickly distinguishing the material composition of potential threats. This software analyses luggage and cargo contents based on their atomic number and colour codes the contents, including liquids, explosives and metallic materials to help screeners identify and isolate potential threats.

Additional advancements include enhanced imaging software, which automatically optimises X-ray images in real-time, eliminating the need for screeners to apply imaging features manually, as well as automatic explosives detection and density alert ellipses. Astrophysics has also developed an advanced artificial intelligence package which can identify, highlight and describe common threat items such as weapons, knives, bombs and others.

As the southern-African authorised dealer of internationally accredited manufacturers, XPro Security Solutions constantly strives to provide technologically advanced, quality products and solutions to its customers. The company has recently launched the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all the post-pandemic security screening requirements.

The Evolv Express is proven to operate up to 10 times faster than traditional metal detectors with its dual lane, free flow entrances and fusion of new sensor technology and artificial intelligence. The system can spot weapons in real-time, without the need to empty pockets or remove bags. No alarms and no need for secondary screening.

For more information contact XPro Security Solutions, +27 11 028 2641, info@xpro-ss.co.za, www.xpro-ss.co.za


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