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Issue 5 2021 Mining (Industry)

Mining for many countries forms the lifeblood of their economy. In South Africa, the mining industry contributes as much as 8,2% to the gross domestic product (GDP). Due to various health and safety acts and regulatory requirements, mines are forced to ensure the well-being of their employees/miners and many mines are turning towards technology to address these challenges.

Some of these solutions include the following:

• Contactless access management.

• Time and attendance management.

• Surveillance of highly hazardous areas or areas of interest.

• Compliance monitoring, wearing protective equipment and safety procedures.

• Facial collection, recognition and thermal screening of employees.

• Proximity detection system (PDS) that ensure the safety of on-site employees and vehicles.

• Automation of various processes at weighbridges or entry gates through licence plate recognition (LPR) and object character recognition for trucks and train wagons.

• Increase operational efficiency using various artificial intelligence and object identification techniques.

Secutel Technologies offers solutions covering access control, cloud video surveillance, intrusion detection and workforce management that incorporates the above-mentioned features with a proven track record of reputable high-value customers that includes the biggest banks and security companies.


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