Catching speeders in estates

Issue 5 2021 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Residential Estate (Industry)

People living in residential estates choose their homes for the lifestyle and security they believe it offers them and their families, yet, when it comes to their own behaviour, they seems to think the rules apply to everyone else, but not them. One example of this is speeding in estates.

Sensor Security’s Pieter Olivier was approached by an estate looking for a reliable solution that would enable it to catch speeding residents and delivery vehicles on the estate. The estate had installed a solution from another supplier, but after a month of use found that it was not delivering as required, missing some speeding vehicles completely or not capturing the number plate correctly.

The primary reason for addressing the speeding issue was to ensure that the roads within the estate were safe and that the potential for vehicle and pedestrian accidents – especially involving children – were reduced.

Olivier says that he first visited the location, specifically where the estate wanted the cameras placed, to ensure that Sensor could offer a solution that would work effectively. He then spoke with Hikvision to find out what solutions it could offer.

Hikvision`s Speed Radar solution was suggested and upon further research, Olivier found it had gained a good reputation overseas. As it was not yet available in South Africa, this would be the first installation and Sensor had to rush to get the product into the country to meet the estate’s deadline. With Hikvision’s help, the products were delivered and configured on time.

There were three companies involved in the solution: Orisec specified the solution required, Sensor designed it and Transcash did the installation. Before finalising the project, the Speed Radar was left to run for one week in order to monitor its effectiveness and accuracy. In this short time, it proved to be 80% more effective than the previous product.

You can’t hide

To kick-off the new speeding solution, all residents received notices that they will be fined if caught speeding. At the same time, a notice was put up at the gate so that all visitors and delivery vehicles could also take note of the rules.

The main benefit of the project, to make the streets safe from speeding cars as there are many children playing in the complex or riding their bicycles, has been achieved. Olivier says the result is that speeding has dropped to almost zero. Delivery companies that do not adhere to the new rules are tracked and they now find they are not allowed into the estate to make deliveries anymore.

Olivier adds, as a guideline to other installers and suppliers, that he believes one “must do your homework on which product to use, read previous case studies on a brand and go with a well-trusted brand. The cheapest product is not always going to do what you expect it to do. We could have saved the client money and time if they had approached us at the start of this project.”

Key service providers

Specifier and supplier: Sensor Security

Consultant: Orisec South Africa

System integrator: Transcash

Product: Hikvision Speed Radar


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