Make security inspections intelligent and manageable

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Security inspection process are required in all important public places, especially in verticals such as aviation, building facilities, borders etc. The most important applications in the security inspection process including object and person screening.

In many checkpoints we see X-ray inspection systems for baggage checking, walk-through person screening systems for human body checking and handheld devices for double checking passengers. More complicated solutions in airports and customs will include devices for explosives and narcotics detection.

Most of the checkpoints we see today rely on human employees with no data sent to a centralised location where it can be collated and used as part of a managed service. If a crisis occurs requiring more complex security analysis, the lack of video and other data records make the subsequent analysis challenging.

Bringing AI technology to security inspections

Based on traditional security inspection products, Hikvision developed a new security analyser, the ISD-ST204D, which uses artificial intelligence to empower traditional X-ray inspection systems with vastly improved threat identification capabilities.

Backed up by a database with a large number of threat images which were used to train the AI, the Hikvision security analyser can recognise more than 15 classes of material and more than 50 threats, including guns, knives, gas spray cans, liquid bottles, batteries etc. It also recognises electronics devices such as laptops, cellphones etc.

This new AI algorithm can also output the names of threats it recognises with a high degree of accuracy to support security guards in identifying weapons more quickly and efficiently.

Correlating people with threats

For baggage checking, Hikvision provides the X-ray inspection systems with penetration rates of up to 40 mm and recognises images with wire resolution rates up to 40 AWG. Supported by advanced hardware and cutting-edge imaging algorithms, Hikvision X-ray inspection systems provide high-level performance in any environment.

Video technology has also been included to improve crisis event management. The company provides four video channels on the analyser to provide videos of baggage holders, operators and the surrounding environment. Any images that detect prohibited items can be correlated with the video record of the passengers and operators on the scene. Security users can search these video records by threat types, dates and time, to find records easily and even export the video if they have permission. Crisis events now do not have to rely only on handwritten notes and operator testimonye.

Hikvision’s product management platform

X-ray inspection systems and walk-through person screening devices are not stand-alone systems anymore. All the data collected by the devices, whether baggage or personal data, as well as alarm information are uploaded to Hikvision’s management platform, HCP. Security managers can easily review any of the data on the platform. The information available includes X-ray images with detected threats, real-time videos and a daily security analysis report provided in various formats.

Different security checkpoints are no longer isolated islands of information as centralised data correlation supports improved security and trends analysis.


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