Smart access convenience for secure residential living

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Secure Living Residential Estate (Industry)

As smart home living grows in popularity, property owners and operators are increasingly challenged to provide convenient, secure and technology-enabled living. Residents demand seamless access without multiple keys. Property management wants easy resident onboarding. All parties want physical security and protection for their assets.

SALTO’s smart access control technology for the modern multi-family, home care/assisted living and residential market provides a smart, modern, easy to install and maintain electronic locking solution without the cost and complexity of traditional access control solutions.

From main entrances and perimeter access to individual apartment doors, not forgetting shared amenities, storage facilities, rentable space, garages and elevators, SALTO solutions balance premium connected living with security and streamlined management.

Danalock products support all major smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit,, Qolsys, SmartThings, Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth etc.

Key benefits

• Seamless, keyless and digital resident experience that replaces the traditional home or apartment door key.

• Operating efficiencies, improved security, manageability and flexibility.

• All-in-one smart lock designed to blend in with any type of door, any access point and door retrofit.

• Connects with smart home applications, IoT devices and security platforms.

• Take control of your perimeter with a device that can interface with your automated gate, garage door, strike locks and more.

Find out more by downloading the white paper at*salto1.


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