Facial biometric access technology

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Secure Living Residential Estate (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Products

Secure, contactless, suitable for sites large or small, Suprema’s Face series offers an intuitive and easy-to-use facial recognition system for controlling access at residential estates, high-rise apartments and luxury homes. It includes the FaceStation F2, FaceStation 2 and FaceLite.

When choosing a face recognition terminal for controlling access, one of the most important features to consider is the supported lighting range in which it is able to operate. Suprema’s patented IR illumination and optical techniques ensure uninterrupted operation in most lighting conditions, from total darkness up to 25 000 lux (full daylight, but not direct sunlight).

Another consideration is security and this is something that Suprema is very serious about. Live face detection may come at a cost, but it’s worth knowing that your chosen terminal blocks spoofing through photographs and 3D printed masks. Suprema’s Face series also ensures that data is secure by encrypting biometric credentials and personal information.

FaceStation F2 is the latest release in this series. It offers additional IP65 ingress protection against dust and water, allowing for outdoor installation. It caters for an even larger number of users, up to 50 000 and offers a model with fingerprint biometrics as an additional authentication mode, with support for 100 000 fingerprint users.

FaceStation 2, on the other hand, can work as a video intercom, eliminating the need to install a separate intercom system, giving residents control over their visitors.

Face recognition is inherently contactless, but the Face series goes further by offering added contactless features such as support for mobile credentials (BLE/NFC) and RFID cards. F2 also provides remote enrolment whereby users can be added to the system by means of a photograph.

Additional Covid precautionary measures include FaceStation F2’s mask detection functionality and the Suprema Thermal Camera for FaceStation 2 and the F2.


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