Digit chilli pepper dispensing systems

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Secure Living Residential Estate (Industry)

Most South Africans are aware of the increase in physical break-in crimes of various forms such as looting of shops and warehouses, trucks and courier vehicles, and of course residential homes. Despite all forms of physical and electronic security, criminals are still able to breach and the time it takes for armed reaction to respond means that losses are still incurred. Digit FMS has developed a range of chilli pepper protection systems to dispense large volumes of powder or gas into an area which instantly disperses even large groups of attackers.

These systems can be simple slave devices which are activated by existing alarm systems (such as Ajax wireless) to more sophisticated, complete systems with a built-in alarm and siren, and battery backup. Digit FMS also manufactures large-volume systems to protect factories and warehouses or shops and malls. There are also vehicle protection systems which can be installed in courier vans to protect the canopy area, on large trucks to protect the load and perimeter around the trailers, and even multi-shot dye-stained pepper for cash-in-transit applications.

Displayed is the domestic DIY system which is ideal for a quick installation and comes supplied with a simple key fob remote for arming and disarming. The system is simply screwed to a wall at the likely point of entry and once armed, any detected intruder is likely to regret their actions. Various programmable options can set time delays and the length of spray activation. Replacement canisters are also available.

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