Network audio systems for security

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Secure Living Residential Estate (Industry)

A network audio system is the perfect addition to a video-based security installation. Perimeter protection is a great example of this. Imagine if a potential intruder climbs a fence. The camera alerts a security guard to give a warning to the intruder using the audio system, “We can see you, you’re trespassing.” More often than not this type of warning is sufficient, preventing the need for additional security measures. There are various scenarios where audio makes a difference.

Remote audio

Improve security on your premises with direct call-outs, live or recorded. Remote speaking in video surveillance applications enables an operator to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity. The speaker can also play a pre-recorded audio file when it is manually or automatically triggered in response to an alarm event. Remote audio often means less incidents and fewer guards needed on site.

Automated triggered audio clips

By integrating camera, software and network audio you can detect people moving in the wrong direction and notify them immediately via an audio message or an alarm via the speaker. An easy and cost-effective solution.

Loitering time alerts

Deter potentially unwanted activity by detecting loitering in specific areas. Dwell time trigger in a camera can play a pre-recorded message through the speaker, letting people know that they have been noticed. At the same time, a message can also be sent to staff to check on the area, if needed.

Audio alerts for obstruction

Detect when an exit is blocked by an obstacle. A pre-recorded audio file can automatically play in the area in response to an alarm event, or an alarm centre can speak live to the scene, if needed.

Deter crime and safeguarding

In unsafe areas, a pre-recorded or live message lets potential criminals understand they are being watched and at the same time, it allows others to feel safer.


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