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When you are securing a home, it makes sense to choose a system that will grow with your needs and produce the maximum return on investment. Selecting an Ajax solution from Elvey provides numerous benefits to the homeowner, the estate manager and the security company responsible for monitoring the estate.

“Ajax doesn’t limit itself to one job. Instead, it completes multiple functions at once. The system immediately alerts users and control rooms if it detects a break-in, smoke or a flood. Additionally, it supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax a singular security centre. It also allows the control and management of linked devices within the household or business such as lighting and doors,” says Ingo Mutinelli, head of sales in southern Africa for Ajax Systems.

An Ajax system:

• Protects entry points and monitors windows.

• Detects fire and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

• Prevents flooding.

• Streams IP camera surveillance video on your smartphone.

• Provides automatisation scenarios.

• Allows integration of third-party detectors.

How Ajax works

The Ajax system comprises an intelligent control panel, detectors, sirens and the Ajax Cloud:

• Intelligent control panel. Hub is the core device in the system, with the entry-level hub offering up to 100 devices without requiring expanders (up to 200 devices on the Hub 2 Plus). It uses Ajax’s encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, offering up to 2000 metre range, to connect to and monitor detectors. The hub immediately sends alerts via SMS, push notification or phone call.

• Detectors. Ajax detectors accurately recognise motion, door movement and broken glass and send picture clips. They detect smoke and temperature increases, as well as flooding. All of this while keeping track of room temperature with the toughest anti-jamming technology available on the market.

• Sirens. Ajax sirens are a loud indicator that an alarm has been triggered, allowing the system to scare off intruders. They can be used indoors or outdoors and both the volume and alarm duration are adjustable.

• Ajax Cloud. The Ajax cloud server connects your hub to your smartphone or to a monitoring station. It allows the Ajax system to deliver instantaneous alarm notifications, be configured with ease and receive automatic Internet updates that continue making the system more secure.

Benefitting all stakeholders

The Ajax system works with central monitoring stations around the globe. When an alarm goes off, security professionals can arrive within minutes to eliminate the danger. The system uses a mobile app to provide users with self-monitoring, thereby delivering the benefits of early detection to the user who receives notifications from indoor and outdoor motion cameras for picture verification of the event.

Homeowners benefit from a state-of-the-art wireless self-monitoring intrusion system that incorporates home automation, fire detection and other building management elements. “The system is quick to install and less obtrusive than conventional systems due to the absence of wires and cables. This, together with its attractive black and white finish, makes the Ajax system aesthetically pleasing and allows it to seamlessly integrate into any interior design. It is an app-driven solution, which is a given in our current way of controlling and managing things, making it very appealing for homeowners,” says Mutinelli.

In addition to the security benefits of the Ajax system, homeowners can now maximise investments by using the home automation features of the system. “Homeowners can switch lights on and off, manage power consumption, manage geysers and monitor possible leaks on geysers, washing machines and dishwashers by installing an Ajax leak detector. This allows them to take early corrective action, thereby saving them money and possible irritation,” adds Mutinelli.

The Ajax system is a boon for estate managers who can monitor systems from the convenience and comfort of their laptop using the Desktop Pro 3.0 software. The system eliminates the need for large servers in the guardhouse or control room and there is no longer a need for large technical teams conducting drawn-out installations. Evidence shows that an Ajax system can be installed 66% faster than a conventional system, with a third of the labour force required on a typical alarm installation. Due to the wireless nature of the system, any noisy drilling is minimised, making the installation process faster and quieter, thereby winning favour with homeowners and estate managers.

False alarms and nuisance alarm systems are a major aggravation for estate managers and security companies. These can now be minimised because the system is remotely operated through the app or monitoring software. Video verification on indoor and outdoor PIRs allows homeowners, estate managers and alarm monitoring companies to monitor effectively by seeing what has caused the alarm and allowing them to remotely arm and disarm alarms, or bypass troublesome alarm zones.

The Ajax PRO application and Desktop PRO 3.0 software allow security companies monitoring estates to remotely configure and perform diagnostics on systems, making it easy for them to offer services other than just security monitoring and detection to estates. “In essence, they can provide monitoring for leaks and fire hazards, creating an additional revenue stream. Their revenue base is also enhanced because of the reduced installation time, which results in less labour required, fewer consumables and increased profitability,” notes Mutinelli.


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