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Although CCTV has come an incredibly long way over the last decade, one feature has remained constant over time, the use of IR-LEDs to manipulate pictures in low light conditions to allow people to see what was happening.

This playing field has now changed as most CCTV manufacturers offer variants of full colour ranges in their product offerings, even for low-light conditions. This has various advantages, but some disadvantages do also exist and would depend on the consumer and their expectations.

For the individual who prefers to have their video in colour, without breaking the bank, TVT has answered the call with its range of AHD and soon to be released IP True Colour Series cameras.

The AHD range consists of 1080p (2 MP) cameras with the assistance of white light to give you clear images in various lighting conditions. All TVT cameras are designed and built for optimal image quality, better heat dispensation and ultimately deliver greater life expectancy.

Multi-platform support also plays a vital role in TVT technology as all its AHD cameras support AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS lossless HD video output, meaning the True Colour range of cameras can function across various technologies. This has put the versatilityback in the hands of consumers as they can deploy cameras to any platform, subject to not exceeding the limitations of the recording device.

Supporting the camera in its quest to deliver a full-colour image is a 20-30 m white light that turns on when the light intensity surrounding the camera drops below acceptable lux levels.

The True Colour range of cameras is well supported by its industry-leading 1/2.8-inch CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensor with progressive scan. It allows for perfectly capturing moving parts in images and reduces motion blur when normal run-of-the-mill cameras start struggling in low light conditions.

Its 2.8 mm lens will also allow more external light to reach the sensor, ultimately ensuring brighter and richer image quality.

TVT full-colour cameras are ideal for any surveillance system where the user wants full-colour imaging around the clock. They range from households to industrial and commercial applications.

As every year nears its end and we progress from one year to another, we must remember that times are changing and that we must embrace smarter and newer technologies as they assist us in improving safety and security. And as we know, safety and security are two crucial elements that co-exist in the same paradigm. Ultimately, they work hand-in-hand with one another and that’s what TVT products expertly provide. It is crucial when seeking a solution that the equipment can be trusted and relied upon. Hence, TVT also offers a 3-year warranty for its products.

The significance of the CCTV footage obtained during an event can be life-altering. That is why TVT’s True Colour series is the perfect solution.


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