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Residential Security Handbook 2021: Secure Living Residential Estate (Industry)

Ensuring peace of mind in a residential estate is of utmost priority to the body corporate as well as the residents. Property owners in residential estates often have a false sense of security due to the estate already having security with guards, electric fences and the like.

However, residential estates are increasingly being targeted by criminals and having a security company manage the residential estate is often not enough. Alarm systems and armed response can only provide a certain amount of protection. In instances when an alarm is triggered, security companies often only conduct perimeter checks as they are unable to gain access to properties. In addition, by the time the guards arrive, it is likely too late and high-value goods have already been stolen.

In today’s world, with crime on the increase, biometric devices are gaining popularity in the residential security market. ZKTeco’s ZKBioSecurity includes ZKBioEstate which provides residential estates with a platform to integrate access control devices with visitor management apps. The ZKBioEstate solution integrates ZKTeco’s UHF readers, licence plate recognition devices, car tags, intelligent parking barriers, full-height turnstiles with either facial or fingerprint recognition, and RFID access control systems which can all be monitored on one platform.

ZKTeco UHF readers are waterproof and are suitable for use in a wide range of RFID applications, such as transport management, vehicle management, car parking, production process control and access control. The ZKTeco parking barriers prevent entry of unauthorised vehicles to restricted areas. They are raised by the linkage between the gate, the remote control, access control system, long-distance reader and number plate recognition systems. The LED light tape changes colour when the boom is raised or lowered, helping the driver avoid hitting the boom, and a pressure plate ensures that the barrier gate does not close immediately as a car passes.

The biometric full-height turnstile with facial recognition or fingerprint and RFID access control system features a modular design, visible indicator, semi-automatic mechanism and a stainless steel cabinet that allows for its application in residential estates and ensures that pedestrians that enter can also be recorded.

The ZKTeco visitor management app enables authorised personnel to preregister visitors, thus helping to streamline the waiting process. This app also ensures the handling of visitors is in accordance with estate policies. Visitor approval is sent to the authorised personnel via the app and the proper access rights can be assigned. All information is stored in a secure database and can be conveniently retrieved for repeat visits. Additional information can be gathered with visitor details to simplify future transactions. This visitor management app also allows the user to track visitors, assets and deliveries as they enter and exit the premises. It helps improve the efficiency, productivity, security and visitor service of any residential estate.

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