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Issue 3 2021 Financial (Industry)

There is a fine balance between maintaining suitable security levels and ensuring complementary aesthetics in the financial services sector. When one of South Africa’s fastest growing banks recently expanded into new offices in the Western Cape, they required a physical access control solution that would match regulated access with sleek looks and high quality finishes.

“Turnstar was an integral part of the security for the new building and provided six Velocity traffic barriers and nine Speedgate Secure lanes,” says Craig Sacks, CEO of Turnstar.

The Turnstar Velocity automatic industrial vehicle barrier is the perfect solution for providing controlled access to the perimeter of office premises. Suitable for applications requiring high-volume vehicular access, the Velocity features intelligent collision detection and seamless, precise speed control with dynamic braking and slow stop for enhanced safety.

Four adjustable raise and lower speed settings allow financial institutions to tailor operation to suit their specific needs. Further evidence of the flexibility provided by the design of the Velocity are the adjustable compression springs for barrier arm balancing and the easy change of handing.

The Velocity is designed for extended operation with a number of elements contributing to its reliability:

• Wireway through the centre of the shaft for LED indicator lights.

• Harmonic motion lever arm mechanism.

• No motor rear-mounted brake reduces costs and maintenance.

• No worm gear.

• No proximity sensors or micro-switches required for positioning.

• SwiftMove brushless DC motor with planetary gearbox

The Speedgate Secure lanes – a mix of 550 mm and 900 mm wide lanes – were installed at two office entrance points at the financial service provider’s premises. The 900 mm wide lanes are suitable for wheelchair and special needs access. The Speedgates offer high-speed and secure access and are manufactured from stainless steel and 1.8 m toughened glass.

The glass wings seamlessly and noiselessly retract into the brushed stainless steel cabinet for non-obtrusive ease of operation. Sacks points out that all cabinet components are 3D designed, laser cut and handmade with expert welding and polishing for the highest quality finish and operability.

The optical motion detection safety sensor array allows dynamic following of the pedestrian through the Speedgate Secure. This feature ensures that pedestrians will not be accidentally trapped in the closing envelope between the glass wings.

“We have a number of products that have proven very popular in the financial services sector and are able to customise solutions based on the specific needs of each client, to ensure maximised security levels and productivity,” says Sacks.



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