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Tsebo Facilities Solutions provides a smart remote monitoring solution that will increase efficiency and, most importantly, mitigate risk.

This smart solution can be tailored to fit the needs of your unique business environment without compromising on quality:

• Remote monitoring solutions that are integrated with existing health and safety technology, as well as physical protection that maximises security.

• Increased business intelligence through advanced security data analyses and reporting.

• Increased productivity – concentrate on your core business knowing that your assets are safe. Reduced operational expenditure – avoid unplanned and expensive downtime as a result of unexpected breakdowns.

• Increase the lifespan of your equipment – plan for preventative maintenance.

• Remotely control operations in the field.

• Manage energy and utility consumption.

• Manage COVID-19 compliance.

At a time when businesses need to review their costs while shifting towards a more digitally enhanced workplace, it makes sense to look to technology for an intelligent remote-monitoring system that is cost effective, increases efficiency and mitigates risk.

As experts in integrated facilities solutions, Tsebo has launched a state-of-the-art National Control Centre to transform its operations by offering customers real-time access to performance dashboards, allowing them to make quick decisions about their critical assets.

By centralising operations from their national control centres in Midrand and Cape Town, Tsebo’s Integrated Facilities Management Solution can provide your business with on- and off-site artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring platform to automate 24/7 remote surveillance of your premises, as well as alarm monitoring, IOT monitoring, fleet management and more.

The 24/7 monitoring takes place via Tsebo’s state-ofthe-art National Control Centre, which makes use of the best available technology and human brainpower to keep tabs on infrastructure. It can also be used to monitor health and safety issues such as smoke detection or water leakages. The National Control Centre can serve as an indispensable security asset by linking security systems, such as access control, alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Couple this with other security solutions from Thorburn Security Solutions, Tsebo’s security division, to ensure complete physical monitoring and guarding of a data centre’s staff and assets.

In fact, this is where the beauty of partnering with a company like the Tsebo Solutions Group really comes in. As an integrated workplace management service provider, the group provides just about every conceivable non-core business service a client might call for.

This includes business support, such as help desk, reception and switchboard support, as well as space optimisation – essential to create and maintain optimal workspaces and social distancing through effective floorplan design.

In this time of a pandemic, cleaning and hygiene are imperative and Tsebo’s Cleaning Division is trained in the specialised care and cleaning of IT infrastructure as well as in providing hospital-level cleaning, no matter the environment. Hygiene can be added to include the provision of equipment and consumables for human hygiene as well as effective and sustainable pest control.

Tsebo’s Catering Division can be relied on to provide tasty and nutritious catering and, in this time of COVID-19, has developed specialised catering options such as prepacked meals, snacks and beverages, as well as an online ordering app for meal deliveries directly to a person’s desk.

With the ever-increasing complexity and amount of data, it makes sense to allow the Tsebo Solutions Group to take care of security and non-core business services.

Tsebo Solutions Group: +27 11 441 5300, [email protected],

Thorburn Security Solutions: +27 87 820 3851, [email protected],

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