Manufacturer adopts touchless biometrics and temperature screening

Issue 1 2021 Asset Management, Industrial (Industry)

Invixium has been selected to supply a touchless, temperature-based attendance system including IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit for Orthoplastics, a leader in the development and supply of both implantable-grade plastics and also biocompatible plastics for instrument applications, and part of Viant Corporation, a provider of ISO-certified medical components and devices. Orthoplastics set out to migrate from card-based time clock-ins to touchless face recognition and temperature screening as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Orthoplastics is highly focused on ensuring the health and safety of all staff and visitors at its facilities. As well as stringent social distancing measures and abundant access to hand sanitiser and personal protective equipment at work, contactless temperature screening is a crucial element of Orthoplastics’s effort to protect individuals on site. As a manufacturer of essential medical plastics, Orthoplastics cannot shut down, but must instead take every step necessary to keep employees healthy.

Thus, screening all employee temperatures at the beginning of each work shift has been adopted as a reasonable measure to ensure those showing one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 are alerted to their potential fever and not permitted to enter the workplace. Orthoplastics invested in manual temperature screening, which remains a common solution among businesses that needed to adapt quickly to work in-person during COVID-19. However, this process quickly added up in cost because staff needed to be paid overtime to screen other employees’ temperatures during shift changes. As the pandemic persisted in duration, Orthoplastics realised that it needed a more permanent solution to keep long-term costs down while protecting employee health and adhering to national guidelines.

Touchless temperature screening transforms employee time tracking

Invixium’s COVID-19 solution was introduced to Orthoplastics by system integrator CQR Security. Orthoplastics ordered IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit devices to support a staff of 200 spread across two facilities: a manufacturing plant and an office space.

For an effective installation, Orthoplastics required that any temperature-based solution will communicate employee clock-ins with Paxton Net2’s timesheet feature. IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit was selected for its contactless, automated face recognition and temperature screening along with an established Net2 integration via IXM Link that allows clock-ins from TITAN to be immediately imported to the time tracking software.

After several months of use, Orthoplastics and Invixium are happy to share that this installation has been highly successful. Since installing TITAN and the Enhancement Kit, Orthoplastics has migrated to fully touchless face recognition and temperature screening instead of card-based time tracking and manual temperature evaluation. Because of this success, Orthoplastics has expressed interest in scaling up its Invixium system with additional IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit devices.

“The effect of installing IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit has been quite positive,” said Mark Hereward, business systems director at Orthoplastics. “When the pandemic began, we needed to pivot very quickly to an appropriate and effective system for protecting staff health throughout the day. Along with making PPE available and enforcing social distancing, temperature screening during shift changes has been a great help for us. The installation of TITAN was very easy to get up and running and we’re pleased with how Invixium supported our transition to a touchless time tracking system.”

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