Safety, comfort and convenience in the connected home

Issue 1 2021 Smart Home Automation

As part of Legrand’s ELIOT programme, the company offers home automation solutions that encompass advanced technology and modern aesthetics, to meet all control requirements for the connected home.

Netatmo smart indoor camera and siren.

Care has been taken to improve the safety, convenience and comfort of smart homes, by providing connected solutions that are simple and intuitive.

This flexible home automation system offers designers, end users and electricians the freedom to create a connected, customised home by combining controls and features to manage scenarios, create centralised functions, and allow remote control of individual functions to suit personal requirements. Many useful functions can be implemented in the installation, using a few simple components.

This connected solution ensures easy and convenient control of functions in the home and remotely, using a smartphone or tablet. Users can control lighting, roller blinds and curtaining, security, temperature and home audio, from wherever they are in the world. Legrand has designed a system where users just need to give simple voice commands to Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa to manage lights and home appliances without lifting a finger.

The Netatmo range

Legrand’s Netatmo smart range encompasses connected security, energy, weather and air care products. Netatmo smart security systems include security cameras, alarms, window and door sensors, sirens (110 decibels) and smoke alarms, for total peace of mind. With Netatmo security products, users are alerted wherever they are via the Netatmo app.

The smart indoor camera offers advanced facial recognition technology, while the smart outdoor camera is able to distinguish between animals, vehicles and people.

Legrand will soon be launching a smart outdoor camera with a siren and a smart video doorbell.

Netatmo Energy

Netatmo smart heating products, which can be used in conjunction with existing heating systems to heat the home, include smart thermostats and radiator valves that are designed to save energy while enhancing comfort.

Netatmo window and door sensor.

The Netatmo smart home weather station, rain gauge and anemometer efficiently measure and analyse the indoor and outdoor environment to optimise comfort at home. The smart indoor air quality monitor ensures the best noise level for sound sleeping or the correct humidity levels for a child with asthma. This smart monitor, with advances sensors, highlights potential problems and advises on how to fix them.

Connected home audio

The Nuvo line encompasses advanced home audio systems and solutions that deliver an excellent listening experience, in every room of the home. Modern products for multi-room audio range from Nuvo's line of speakers to the flexible player portfolio system.

Luxul wireless routers also form part of connected home solutions by combining wired router functionality with extended-coverage, dual-band wireless technology.

Legrand also offers free training to electrical contractors and system integrators to extend their business offerings with ‘Connected Home Solutions by Legrand’. These systems include home networks, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) and Netatmo products.


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