MSPs should think small for success

Issue 1 2021 Security Services & Risk Management

Today’s cyber-landscape is tough for small to midsized businesses (SMBs). Criminals and hackers have stepped up their attacks dramatically over the past year; the FBI stated that cybercrime reports have quadrupled during the COVID-19 pandemic. And those attacks are targeting all sectors and sizes of business indiscriminately, not just larger enterprises.

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report showed that over a quarter (28%) of all breach victims were SMBs. One of the bigger concerns is that 54% of the attempted attacks on SMBs were successful in breaching their defences – a success rate nearly eight times higher than that with larger companies. And nearly two thirds of SMBs say they lack the in-house skills to deal with cybersecurity issues – so it’s no surprise that SMBs are urgently looking for solutions to prevent cyber threats from damaging their business.

This presents MSPs with a tremendous opportunity to sell security services specifically designed for the growing SMB market. To put the size of that opportunity in perspective, it is forecast that SMBs’ spending on security worldwide will almost double between now and 2024 (from around $50 billion currently). And a 2020 survey found that SMBs are willing to pay 25% more to an MSP offering security services, and 91% of SMBs would consider moving to a new IT service provider if it offered the right security solutions.

To help MSPs deliver security solutions to SMBs, Check Point is launching the expansion of its Quantum Spark series of security gateways designed for SMBs. Quantum Spark gateways give SMB customers complete threat prevention with easy, intuitive management and integrated communication capability.

Quantum Spark also enables service providers to offer advanced SMB security as a managed service. MSPs can now provide integrated protection to SMBs across their networks, cloud deployments, endpoints and email in a simple monthly subscription.

With Quantum Spark security gateways, managed service providers can deliver enterprise-grade security services to SMBs with these benefits:

• Highest levels of security for SMBs with automated threat prevention: The service based on the Quantum Spark gateways includes Check Point’s SandBlast Zero Day Protection with up to 2 Gbps of threat prevention performance, and over 60 security services focused on threat prevention.

• Automatic setup in 60 seconds: Zero-touch automated provisioning enables MSPs to deliver full protection to SMB customers in minutes without an on-site technician.

• Flexible connectivity: Quantum Spark gateways include gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi and integrated cellular LTE modems, giving users the widest range of connectivity options. Quantum Spark gateways also support multiple Internet service providers and performance-based routing, delivering the best bandwidth and quality of service for applications.

• Easy, intuitive management: Check Point’s WatchTower mobile application enables MSP staff to monitor customers’ security status and quickly mitigate any threats directly from a mobile device. Security can also be managed from any browser, using a cloud-based portal with intuitive web UI. This enables MSPs to minimise their operating and management costs.

• Complete protection for customers’ remote employees and cloud applications: As well as network protection, MSPs can extend the SMB SaaS offering to protect all the customers’ laptops and PCs against threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing with endpoint protection, and secure employees’ smartphones with mobile protection. Email and documents can be protected with Check Point email security.

Service providers can also increase their visibility with customers by applying their own branding scheme to the SaaS offering, the mobile management app, and the daily security reports. Check Point also offers MSPs flexible business models to address any customer growth scenario, and works with them as a trusted partner, sharing its expertise, training and support resources and marketing help.

For full details on the Quantum Spark security gateway series and other SMB security solutions, visit

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