Securing access to the data centre

Issue 1 2021 Cyber Security

FaceStation F2 is Suprema’s latest flagship product. When looking for a solution to secure your data centre, FaceStation F2 stands out in terms of its versatility, security and rich feature offering. It uses a deep learning-based AI algorithm for live face/fingerprint detection, and it boasts a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 1 in 10 billion. The F2 is ideal for protecting access directly into the data centre.

A high level of device security is provided by not only encrypting all biometric credentials and personal information, but by also protecting data through a secure boot process. FaceStation F2 is built on Android and all its security enhancements.

It offers a number of credential options including face, fingerprint, cards and mobile access. It also supports dual-frequency access cards, NFC and BLE-based mobile access cards as well as template-on-card that allows authentication via biometric data stored in cards.

FaceStation F2 is dust- and water-proof (IP65) and can therefore also be installed outdoors to control access at the perimeter of the facility housing the data centre.


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