New range of motion detectors

Issue 1 2021 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Recently launched, Texecom’s Capture range of motion detectors are designed to seamlessly blend form and function with performance and aesthetics, for enhanced security. The range includes Grade 3 wired ceiling- and wall-mount models, and Grade 2 wireless ceiling- and wall-mount models as well as Grade 2 wired wall- and ceiling-mount models.

All Capture motion sensors intelligently analyse the environment to determine genuine intrusion situations, while actively rejecting electrical noise and other potential false alarm sources. With advanced digital signal processing across the range, Capture models feature an array of advanced detection algorithms to ensure reliability without compromising on detection performance.

The Capture ceiling-mount models use omnidirectional, quad element PIR sensing for true 360° pickup. The sensors have both selectable and automatic sensitivity adjustment capabilities. In the selectable option, the sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted to match the installation environment, providing better detection accuracy and consequently better false alarm immunity. Automatic sensitivity adjustment filters out background disturbances by automatically adjusting the detector’s sensitivity according to its environment.

Superior PIR optical performance is complemented with advanced K-band microwave Doppler detection on all dual technology Capture models. “K-band microwave detection is less likely to penetrate walls, ensuring that the detection performance is confined to the protected area, and nowhere else. With a miniature electronic footprint – about the size of a postage stamp – the K-band microwave detection unit fits within the standard Capture mechanical housing, ensuring that all Capture models have the same form-factor across the range,” says Zane Greeff, product lead at the Elvey Group.

The Grade 2 wireless wall- and ceiling-mount models are Ricochet-enabled to provide signalling routes to and from a Ricochet-enabled system. Should wireless connection between two devices weaken, the network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically reroute communications via alternate Ricochet-enabled devices. Detection ranges include 15 metres PIR, 20 metres quad or 20 metres dual-technology.

The Grade 3 wired wall- and ceiling-mount detectors have dua-technology quad PIR and K-band microwave sensing, combined with active infrared (IR) anti-masking protection. The detection range on the wall-mount version is 20 metres with 85° volumetric coverage, while the ceiling-mount model offers a 9,3 metre detection range with 360° coverage.

“The Capture range has been designed with the installer in mind. It takes mere seconds to install and includes a host of installer-friendly features, such as front-loaded fully sealed electronics, flexible mounting points, adjustable terminal blocks and EN certified selectable pet immunity,” says Greeff.


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