Innovative security for retail chain

Issue 1 2021 Retail (Industry)

While deliveries of non-perishable goods to a southern African grocery chain’s stores can take place during normal business operating hours, sensitive fresh produce needs to be delivered around the clock. A certain national food retailer called on its three trusted and authorised security installers to devise a workable solution.

Locksecure, an accredited installer for the chain store, is known for its out-of-the box approach to designing and installing bespoke security systems, developed a two-part solution that was subsequently implemented at all the retailer’s stores throughout South Africa.

According to Elvey account manager James Grobbelaar, Locksecure owner Johann Visagie devised a patented key system that enables the delivery personnel to open a cage where fresh produce stock is delivered. Installed at each of the client’s retail stores, the locking system comprises a customised printed circuit board (PCB) with a perimeter loop, which works in conjunction with two Texecom Elite Expander modules supplied by the Elvey Group.

“Each store typically has between 60 and 80 zones that are monitored via an alarm control panel, making the Texecom Elite 168 the perfect match for this application. In addition to its ability to handle this capacity and its fit-for-purpose features, the expandable Texecom Elite 168 was also a great choice because of its economy of scale,” says Grobbelaar.

Grobbelaar points out that the design of the circuit board was challenging, but with the extensive experience of Visagie, coupled with technical support from the Elvey Group, the final product is one that provides optimum benefits for the client’s team. Remote maintenance of the panels is enabled through a downloadable module, ensuring that any issues are dealt with immediately and any software updates are expedited timeously.

The second project undertaken for the client by the Locksecure and Elvey Group teams was the protection of the cash office and high-value offices. The alarm transmitter unit (ATU) was designed and patented to solve the shortcoming, in the form of a tamper-proof steel box in which the radio transmitters reside. Again, Johann Visagie developed a PCB with a built-in alarm system linked to the Texecom Elite 168 panel.

“Various sensors on the system activate an alarm should a person approach the box with the intent of tampering or disabling the box. This ensures 100% protection for the transmitters, giving the retailer complete peace of mind,” says Grobbelaar.


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