Targeting the smart security and IoT market

Issue 1 2021 Integrated Solutions

Gijima is a 100% black-owned South African Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company with Level 1 AAA+ B-BBEE status. It has gained recognition as the complete ICT partner to a significant client base in both the public and private sectors.

Gijima has been in operation for about 21 years, founded by Robert Gumede who worked as a business consultant after moving to Johannesburg in 1992. This led him to identify a number of business opportunities and by the mid-1990s he had registered a number of companies with the name Gijima, ranging from a firm that provided protection services to a stationary company.

The company’s intellectual capacity, business model and extended geographic footprint is unparalleled in the local market. It provides clients with sophisticated and diverse service delivery options in the infrastructure, solutions, systems integration and networking arenas.

In the security market, Gijima has established its credentials in both the information and physical security sectors. Rudi Taljaard, enterprise business architect for Smart Security and IoT at Gijima, explains that this division is working to become a leader in the broader smart security and Internet of Things (IoT) market segments in South Africa, as well as further into southern Africa where the company has established operations.

Taljaard elaborates, “We have an end-to-end Smart Security and IoT portfolio and have partnered with best-of-breed international vendors that enable us to offer integrated turnkey solutions to our customers. We strongly believe there is a great need in South Africa to protect people and property; this has led to safe and smart cities being on top of our list for technology development and implementation for the next five to ten years. Our goal is to be a market leader in this space and to build a technology stack that can safeguard assets, and protect and save the lives of South African citizens.”

Rudi Taljaard.

The security agenda

Security should be high on the agenda of any and every organisation today and Gijima has ensured it is able to tailor solutions that support the continued drive towards digitalisation in a secure yet accessible manner for all sectors.

“While we can enhance and secure business operations in any market, we specialise in certain target markets such as mining and manufacturing, financial, hospitality and transport. We have a well-established and highly qualified field force that delivers quality solutions and exceptional services to our customers,” says Taljaard.

Gijima has the capability and capacity to provide services to large organisations as well as small and medium-sized entities. With more than fifty points of presence throughout southern Africa, Gijima is well positioned to add value to all its clients, with a large, loyal and supportive client base, long-term institutional shareholding, an enviable service track record and the best empowerment credentials in the industry.

The company’s history in the ICT market provides it with the credentials customers require from a trusted partner, and allows Gijima to offer fully integrated, proven best-of-breed solutions from a single source.

Furthermore, Taljaard said the security and IoT market will become critical in the near future and he hopes to see Gijima being the go-to company for integrated smart security and IoT solutions.

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