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Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021 Residential Estate (Industry)

Traditional estate security systems require you to press a button on a remote or punch in a numerical key code to open the gate. However, you could be in real trouble if you ever lose the remote control to your gate. Just imagine if you drop the remote control on the ground outside or somewhere near your property, and some stranger finds it. They could easily open your gate with the remote and trespass onto your property. From there, they might attempt to burgle your home and harm its occupants.

Fortunately, you can now prevent criminals from using your lost remote to access your gated property. A company called Accentronix has developed smart access control and security technology for home estates. This smart technology lets homeowners and property managers control the functionality of the unhackable ET Nice remote controls through a wireless cloud connection. The benefits include the following:

Stop criminals from using your lost remote

You can prevent criminals from using your lost remote to gain access to your property. Just log into your cloud admin account and block the remote control online from any location with an Internet connection.

If criminals attempt to use your remote control after its access has been blocked, it won’t be able to open the gate.

Use the latest security technology

If irresponsible homeowners or property managers continue to use outdated and unsecured access control systems with no cloud connectivity, they are putting their lives and possessions at risk. Since criminals are only getting smarter and coming up with more advanced ways to gain access to estate properties – you need to be one step ahead of them at all times.

For this reason, it is imperative to have full control over your remotes and access control systems. This cloud-based smart access control and security technology is the latest innovation for stopping intruders and protecting the people and possessions on your property. Once you turn off the remote’s access to your gate, no one will be able to open it.

Manage multiple remotes in the cloud

The cloud allows you to manage multiple ET Nice remote controls for your property. That way, you can give access to multiple people who live or work on the property. And as soon as you learn that one of them has lost their remote, you can immediately block access for

that remote.

Log reports to your phone

You’ll receive a regular log report of all the attempts that were made to open the gate. These reports will let you know which person’s remote attempted to open the gate, and the time and date it occurred.


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