Milesight smart crowd management

Issue 8 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

With the turn of events from the start of this year, now more than ever it is imperative that the focus is kept on everyone’s health and safety. Milesight, distributed in South Africa by LD Africa, has released a Smart Crowd Management offering, a series of crowd management solutions to facilitate epidemic prevention in all walks of life.

The solution is an integrated surveillance solution combining front-end network cameras and a back-end central management system. It comprises of a number of features including people counting, which detects the number of people that have entered and exited high-density areas. The occupancy dashboard displays the number of people in an area or facility to indicate occupancy limits. It filters out misinformation (people entering or leaving a certain area many times) and is able to service single or multiple entrances.

The solution offers alarm notification when the occupancy limits are reached or breached, and an audio alarm can be triggered to prevent overcrowding.

Milesight’s CMS (central management system) can:

• Manage big data from multiple network cameras at the same time.

• Provide real-time statistics from any device or location.

• Provide past statistics from any device or location.

• Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated.

Benefits of the crowd management solution

Management can effectively allocate staff based on hourly visits or peak hours, which will create value for any business in terms of revenue, profits and efficiency. There is no need to count people manually, which is time consuming, unreliable (error-prone) and can lead to overcrowding at certain entry and/or exit points.

With intelligent video analytics and statistical reports that show visitor data in a meaningful way, managers are able to integrate their findings into strategic plans as well as their marketing, sales, operations and staff management. There is no need to replace existing hardware devices.


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