Analytics with your existing cameras

1 September 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

With SecuVue from Secutel Technologies, it is possible for any business to monitor their offices, warehouses or stores remotely, from any part of the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. The SecuVue CVR (cloud video recorder) can turn almost any existing CCTV system into an intelligent system, with a very low-cost layout from the client.

Analytics of the SecuVue:

• Facial collection/recognition.

• Watch-list management.

• LPR (licence plate collection/recognition) which we tie into the South African vehicle of interest database.

• Intruder detection/line crossing analytics.

• Heat mapping.

• People counting.

Facial collection and recognition: The facial collection and recognition technology brings a number of facial recognition and biometric features into a ready-to-deploy solution. The SecuVue correctly identifies gender, emotions and estimated age.

Watch-list management: Watch-list management allows for automated notifications of when a ‘person of interest’ is identified. Refuse entry to any ‘person of interest’/suspects (from your database) to shopping centres, estate buildings, warehouses etc.

LPR (licence plate recognition): The SecuVue LPR is aimed at vehicle access and traffic control. It identifies each vehicle’s licence plate, make, model, body type and colour. The SecuVue platform has the capability to tie in with the Metagrated API link. This in turn allows you access to the SAPS ‘Vehicle of Interest’ database, insurance bureau database, eNatis and traffic departments. This will help you to identify vehicles with false number plates, stolen, wanted and suspect vehicles.

Intruder detection/line crossing analytics: A virtual line or area of detection is created and should an intruder cross the virtual line and/or enter the detected area, an alarm will be raised. As soon as an object moves into a demarcated area, an event is flagged, which can be dealt with by your service provider using appropriate SOPs (standard operating procedures).

Heat mapping: Heat mapping gives one the capability to know which area (in a shopping mall, for example) has the most traffic. This in turn will help establish where and what sale items/specials could be displayed in the mall. Members of the mall can make optimal use of available sales or exhibition areas.

People counting: The platform allows you to count the number of people entering a specific area, isle or store. People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, such as retail analytics, queue management and space utilisation.

With the SecuVue solution, users can do this using their current CCTV system, without upgrading. You no longer need to invest in high-end cameras in order to do video analytics; the SecuVue platform enables standard cameras to have access to analytics.


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