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Issue 7 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Due to the growing presence of sophisticated cameras, new video requirements for quality, longer retention times and the need to support modern use cases like computer vision, AI etc., there is a dramatic increase in the amount of storage and computing power required to support today’s safety and security systems.

To accommodate these advances, organisations now need a safety and security solution that is enterprise-ready, secure and scalable, with an open architecture that is flexible enough to accommodate current and future disparate data sources, as well as their computing and storage needs.

However, adoption of enterprise solutions has been slow due to barriers of deployment complexity and the need for technical know-how. Customers today are expecting ‘IT grade’ infrastructure for safety and security systems.

Dell Technologies’ IoT solution for safety and security is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution powered by vSAN-ready nodes/VxRail and Dell EMC storage (Isilon/ECS) that helps lower these barriers. The solution from Dell provides enterprises, cities, transportation entities and organisations an easy way to deploy, manage and scale a safety and security system with maximum availability. It’s a pre-validated, pre-integrated, and pre-certified HCI solution built on trusted technology that reduces time-to-value through automated deployment, features a transparent centralised console and offers futureproofing scalability.

This purpose-built solution provides visual data from any number of data streams and delivers true vision by empowering you to think, plan and act in ways that benefit the security and safety of your organisation.

Supporting intense workloads

The server component is Dell EMC VxRail, which delivers true vision by incorporating PowerEdge server technology optimised for HCI. It’s purpose-built to support intense workloads with large numbers of transactions and huge masses of data. With this solution, security applications and resources become virtualised, scalable, automated and orchestrated.

Dell helps generate the value of the solution in your specific operation and delivers true vision by means of:

1.) A virtual appliance that consists of VxRail/vSAN ready nodes and Isilon/ECS.

2.) Controlled, predictable implementations.

3.) An industry-leading virtualisation engine.

4.) Unwavering attention to solution validation.

5.) Robust, well-proven technology components.

6.) Expert guidance and collaboration to deliver value throughout the technology lifecycle.

Thanks to its design, Isilon extends true vision by solving the top safety and security challenges organisations face today, while delivering the best storage retention value – from 300 TB (terabytes) to 50 PB (petabytes) and more. To address the complexity of managing the storage environment, the Isilon OneFS operating system enables a single volume to be shared by all camera streams, saving enormous amounts of time in initial setup.

With Isilon’s single volume, single file system architecture, storage systems are simple to install, manage, and scale to virtually any size. Simplicity also comes through because Isilon enables organisations to build a scale-out safety and security data lake where they can store their video data. This helps lower storage costs via efficient storage utilisation, eliminates islands or silos of storage, and lowers the storage management costs of migration, security and protection.

Scaling to meet increasing workloads

To solve for the challenges of scaling out efficiently, Isilon’s scale-out architecture lets organisations easily scale performance and capacity based on their specific requirements. You can increase cluster capacity to PBs of storage by simply adding another node − with no downtime or disruption of the surveillance solution.

In terms of minimising data loss and countering the risk of data unavailability, Isilon offers enterprise-level data protection. From Data-at-Rest Encryption (DARE) and self-encrypting drives to quadruple failure protection, video data is protected from accidental, premature or malicious deletion. Reliability and efficiency are also improved with Isilon SyncIQ software, which delivers high-performance, asynchronous replication of unstructured data to address a broad range of data retention and recovery objectives. Features such as auto-balancing and auto-failover help administrators sleep better at night, knowing their safety and security data is safeguarded.

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