Securing transportation with technology

Issue 7 2020 Transport (Industry)

The transport market, unsurprisingly, has also suffered as a result of lockdown regulations and the pre- and post-COVID economic decline in South Africa.

When looking at the technology used to secure goods and people in transit, not only can systems be used for a wider variety of purposes than ever, but we find ourselves in a world where technology can do so much more, and the ability to collect and analyse this data to improve the running of a business is better than ever.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Gary Wels, MD of iCAM Video Telematics for some insight into the market at the moment and what end-user companies are doing to secure their operations – an important question in the rising crime wave we are experiencing.

Wels says the market is definitely changing and tracking and telematics is fast evolving into an integrated IoT solutions and services market. “Some customers are still limiting themselves to tracking platforms, but the amount of information we can collect from the full telematics solution we provide can be analysed to deliver so much more.” He adds that more companies are adopting technology and are willing to spend on solutions with the understanding that the results will save expenses in other areas of the business.

“With its business intelligence platform, iCAM is able to extract relevant information that makes the management of fleets simpler and allows clients to manage by exception. In other words, the technology handles enormous amounts of data and only alerts clients when there is an issue that needs attention. All this data can also be used to create in-depth reports that allow management to streamline operations going forward.”

Driver assistance

Wells notes that driver monitoring and assistance, known as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), have also advanced to be almost indispensable additions to transportation companies. Having created solutions that can manage a range of variables, from speed management through to bad driving and so forth, the industry is now focused on getting driver behaviour under control.

ADAS systems can use video cameras in the cab to warn when drivers are falling asleep – a worst case scenario – to when they are losing focus and looking around, or when they are using their cell phones. Allowing unauthorised people into the cab can also be monitored. When the system detects something is wrong, it warns the driver and records the issue in the control room.

The cloud delivers benefits

At the same time, Wels notes that he sees a shift in fleet management to cloud-based systems. This reduces the requirement for in-house technology and the associated skills and maintenance, but still provides the client with relevant feedback in terms of useful information they can use.

He again says that there is a mass of data that can be collected from telematics and other solutions for the transport market, but collecting and analysing this data is a mammoth task. Outsourcing this task to a service provider via cloud services means the client reduces its data processing overhead, but receives relevant information in real-time for immediate action, as well as reports that assist with improving operations and limiting costs.

iCAM Video Telematics focuses on supplying, installing, maintaining and monitoring a variety of systems and services. These include vehicle video systems, tracking and telematics systems, ADAS/driver fatigue, integrated user platforms, reports and business intelligence, monitoring and recovery for the broader fleet, transport, construction and mining industries.

For more information contact iCAM Video Telematics, 086 115 8527,,


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