Argility showcases SkyData IoT Platform

1 August 2020 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

The Argility Technology Group is showcasing its SkyData innovation, a device agnostic IoT cloud platform offering remote asset and resource monitoring and management.

SkyData is a flexible framework built using open source enterprise-grade technologies. The platform empowers companies to connect devices and deploy applications that enable automated data collection and analysis, remote device management, and contextual and real-time decision making. It permits businesses to monitor and manage any number of data points presented from various devices, and may be used to scrutinise and administer anything from utilities – electricity, water and gas usage to temperature, and assets such as billboards, machinery and more.

Eamon McCann.

Businesses are increasingly pressured to optimise returns on assets, increase productivity and improve operational efficiencies. According to Argility CTO, Eamon McCann, if these assets and vital resources are to be better managed, it’s essential to develop real-time insights that facilitate the optimisation of performance.

“Given the stringent operating and regulatory conditions governing the safety and environmental footprint to which companies today must adhere, the ability to monitor is actually not a luxury – it is a necessity.”

Organisations need real-time visibility of their operations and asset performance to enable quick and informed decision making. McCann says SkyData improves routine maintenance operations, reduces costs and minimises potential safety or environmental hazards.

He emphasises the platform has a role to play in a myriad of use cases including monitoring and management of cold storage/chain. Environmental conditions such as air quality, temperature, humidity, moisture, carbon dioxide levels, dry contact may also be examined and controlled. Plus, it can be used for the ring fencing of assets with GPS tracking as it is a powerful remote asset management enabler.

Across the board users can access the platform to acquire regularly updated information around performance. “This in turn can be interpreted into typical usage patterns allowing for alerts and alarms for anomalies. For example, in water management expedited notifications of excess usage due to leaks can save an organisation significant time and money. Businesses with stringent manufacturing or storage compliance requirements will not only be able to track, monitor and manage their environments, resources and assets but will also be able to easily produce audit trails of their quality processes for real-time insights.”

The extensible platform support capabilities such as email/SMS notifications, data visualisation, dashboards and reporting, can be further enriched with predictive analytics and machine learning. It is based on the IoT MQTT standard with integration capabilities, which use REST APIs. Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is an open OASIS and ISO standard (ISO/IEC 20922), a lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between devices –

“SkyData can integrate into any business operational system, feed from and to multiple data sources and deliver data sets to any mobile device. It provides for web-based administration plus configuration and it includes mobile apps for both Android and iOS for remote access – anytime, anywhere. The bottom line is that this IoT platform is set to transform asset and resource monitoring management,” concludes McCann.

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