Solving security workforce challenges

Issue 6 2020 Security Services & Risk Management

In the security guarding industry, there is a great level of complexity and many market factors create challenges to reduce costs, improve profitability and operate in the most efficient way possible. Without a doubt, one of the largest emerging trends is the increased use of smart technology for monitoring and managing security workforces.

The implementation of GPS tracking and real-time incident reporting has led to significant improvements in employee accountability, while integrating apps with employees’ smartphones has allowed for improved communication and efficiency.

Challenges faced:

• Guards not adhering to procedures.

• Remote sites.

• Lack of communication – voice and data.

• Technology failures and no communication zones.

• Monitoring and managing events as and when they occur.

• Costly monitoring solutions.

• Integration problems with other risk management solutions.

Secutel Technologies has a solution to address these problems. The SecuTraq platform is a real-time monitoring system for security guards on patrol and their supervisors. The SecuTraq platform and SecuTraq mobile app will ensure all your objectives are met.

Offering real-time management, SecuTraq is a single platform allowing for data and voice communication, real-time tracking of your workforce, event and attendance management, photos and videos in real time, monitoring of various technologies and is easily integrated with other risk management solutions.

The SecuTraq unit and mobile application allow you to manage and track the following:

• Monitoring and tracking of guards and events.

• Proof of attendance and reporting for work.

• Risk mitigation management and integration.

• Transparency to your client/s.

• A virtual guard tour concept.

• Reporting daily/weekly/monthly.

The SecuTraq all-in-one body camera has a robust design that is easy to operate. Using the bodycam and mobile application it will allow you to do GPS tracking, GSM voice and data, snapshots, video, panic and time and attendance. The platform is cloud-based and therefore can be accessed and managed from anywhere and can be set up in accordance with each client’s specific business rules.

The SecuTraq app is available on Android devices (iOS coming soon).


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