Introducing the JUKA 614

Issue 6 2020 Mining (Industry)

Legacy full body X-ray machines suffered the trade-off between safe, low-dosage transmission and quality, useable images. Traditionally the technology based on baggage scanners or medical scanners has been transformed to create low dosage full body security X-ray machines by de-tuning or limiting the dosage in order to make it suitable for daily use.

The trade-offs to date are compromised image quality on above average sized subjects, slow and cumbersome flow of subjects through the X-ray machine, and expensive specialised civil works around the machine to make it safe and to manage the flow of people through the facility.

The JUKA 614 X-ray scanner has been designed using 25 years of first-hand insight and industry best practice experience to overcome these challenges and compromises. The Objective is to provide the best possible image at the lowest health risk (X-ray dose) for practically any sized subject, in the shortest time, by making use of the smallest footprint, at the lowest cost.

The Solution is the new JUKA 614 security checkpoint full body X-ray scanner delivers superior image quality with emphasis on penetration of all-sized subjects at vastly reduced scan times, despite ultra-low, variable dose X-ray radiation.

Fully integrated solution

The JUKA 614 is a fully integrated solution with the scanner/X-ray hardware, management systems and software all housed together within the machine. It is not just a full body X-ray scanner, it is an all-in-one security checkpoint solution that can be deployed as a product without the need for civil works, building construction, lead cladding and other control systems that often end up costing more than the scanner itself. The small footprint includes security doors, automated access control, video cameras and audio intercoms and optional hold rooms as a complete turn-key solution.

Both local and/or remote operator, viewer and supervisor workstations are supported. Enterprise solutions with multiple devices linked to an array of remote operator and viewer workstations are supported. Viewer workstations come standard, supplied with 27-inch, 4K medical-grade touch display monitors so as to take full advantage of the superior X-ray subject image quality produced.

The solution is designed to protect your interests and prevent theft by providing the security manager with the best possible image in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Unique benefits of the JUKA 614

• Image quality. Exceptional image quality and penetration of practically any sized subject.

• Safety. Lowest dose, self-contained unit and static subject and no radiation scatter.

• Efficiency. Unparalleled fast scan times.

• Compact. Small footprint with extremely efficient linear subject flow control (bi-directional flow possible).

• Lower total cost. Reliable, scalable and efficient (fewer scanners to achieve the same throughput/scans per hour).

• Mobile option. As-is or container or trailer options available.

• Security. Lockable, automated, access-controlled doors.

• Video. Four integrated HD surveillance cameras included.

• Audio. 2-way integrated IP video intercom included.

• Hold rooms. Optional integrated hold/search rooms.

To book an introductory meeting to discuss the JUKA 614, go to

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