How to choose which webinars to attend after lockdown

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The global pandemic has had a disruptive effect on all our lives, thus forcing us to change the way we do business and live. For this reason, the Regal Learning Academy has decided to provide training via live webinar streaming.

While being stuck at home, many individuals decided to take the opportunity to up-skill themselves. However, as we return to work, it is important to carefully choose which webinars to attend in order to make the best use of our valuable time.

To make an informed decision one needs as much information as possible before clicking on that ‘Join’ or ‘Register’ link. In this article, we provide information about what you will get from a Regal webinar.

Who should sign up for Regal webinars?

Anyone may attend a Regal webinar. Here are some insights for individuals who may benefit from these webinars:

• Technicians/installers: If you are an installer of security hardware, these webinars will give you a technical understanding of these products, teach or remind you about best installation practices and demonstrate how to setup, manage and support the technology.

• Installer managers and business owners: Learn about the latest trends in the field and how to meet your customer’s needs. From a technical perspective, you will gain a better understanding of how to successfully manage your installers and run your installation business.

• Sales representatives: Learn about the technology which will allow you to do effective site surveys and choose the correct solution for your customers, even before you send them a quotation. The better technical understanding you have, the better equipped and more confident you are to sell.

• End users/customers: Understanding the equipment you will have installed will ensure that you get the most out of what you paid for. You will also be able to make better, informed decisions about your own needs and what solutions best suit those needs.

All Regal training focuses on the fundamentals of each topic and is useful to both experienced and inexperienced attendees alike. You are sure to learn something new, improve your understanding, or be reminded of important factors within the security industry or the technology.

The webinars include digital manuals, links to useful resources and shared drives for additional tools and videos.

The Regal Learning Academy offers numerous courses. However, these three essentials courses are strongly recommended: CCTV Analogue, CCTV Digital and WIS Networks.

The CCTV Analogue webinar

The CCTV Analogue training focuses on analogue cameras and DVRs, but there is a lot of information in this course that pertains to any CCTV solution, both analogue and IP. The content and practical demonstrations that are covered during the training are listed below:

• Understanding the benefits, opportunities or problems that can be solved by CCTV.

• Knowing the different analogue CCTV technologies and the different components of a CCTV camera.

• Choosing equipment/components for a CCTV solution.

• Transmission media and installation practices.

• Video processing equipment (DVRs).

The CCTV Digital webinar

The foundation of a successful digital/IP CCTV solution is an effective, healthy network infrastructure and the proper use of communication protocols. Having a remote view of the CCTV system has become the industry norm. The content and practical demonstrations that are covered during the training are listed below:

• Network fundamentals.

• Network hardware.

• Network communication settings.

• Testing and troubleshooting.

• NVR and IP camera configuration.

• Remote view setup.

The WIS Networks (Wireless Links) webinar

A challenge we often encounter in the security industry is connecting multiple networks over long distances. When the option to run cable is not possible, too expensive or undesirable, an effective solution would be to setup and utilise a wireless link. The content and practical demonstrations that are covered during the training are listed below:

• Understanding the concept, frequencies, main components and link specifications.

• Functions of the CPE, antennas and base stations.

• Link calculations and adjustments.

• Software and spectrum analysis.

• How to correctly specify a wireless solution.

In additional to the above webinar courses, Regal also offers training for the following: Access Control Fundamentals, Access Control Advanced, Paxton Access Control, Risco LightSYS Alarm Panel and Hikvision Certified Security Associate training.

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