GSM boosters

Issue 5 2020 Smart Home Automation

Imagine you purchase a fast car, and as you turn onto the highway, you find you need to enter it through a narrow gate, which leads to a sand track for you to drive on, alongside the highway. This is the feeling that many GSM and LTE customers still get when trying to use LTE as their backbone for their home or small office smart environment. Ideally, one would want to use fibre, but the reality is it is not always readily available, and the general consensus for the next best option is LTE.

This is where Otto Wireless Solutions’ ICASA approved, non network-locked boosters come in. The products have two incredible features which have led to their mass adoption:

• Failsafe DIY installation – the devices are smart and will detect an incorrect installation. They will shut themselves down and display a message on the screen, explaining how to resolve the problem. You cannot cause interference on the mobile network.

• Castellation – for a small environment, use one booster. For a large environment, use as many as you need, to cover the desired floor space. The devices are smart, they see one another, and adjust their gains dynamically, as more devices are installed in the environment. This is a key, unique feature of the product – it prevents interference on the service provider network.

In order to make installation easy, the products are packaged into a number of DIY options.


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