Multi-tenant access control

Issue 5 2020 Smart Home Automation

The Crestyl Group is one of the leading developers in the Czech real estate market with over twenty years’ experience and fifteen projects throughout the country with a total investment value of over 1.2 billion Euro.

Located in Prague’s Liben district, DOCK is the company’s newest signature project that blends nature and city in a bustling mixed-use development that is an icon of sustainable environmental growth.

Suprema’s BioStar 2 access control system was selected to protect the main office areas that house Crestyl’s offices as well as Assa Abloy, BNP Paribas Cardif and other local and multinational firms.

Because of the large scale of the project, with over 100 doors and 1 500 employees, a flexible, scalable system was required that could cater to the diverse needs of the building tenants and grow with the site for future expansion phases. As multiple companies are stakeholders in the overall security of the facility, there was an absolute need for a platform with flexible configurations, support for a wide range of hardware options and robust reporting so that each company’s requirements could be met.

To further enhance site security, C4 Integrated Security System software was selected to manage all the building systems and thus the BioStar 2 access control system was required to provide integration capability.

Absolon Alarm, Suprema’s authorised partner for Czech Republic, was able to propose the BioStar 2 software platform along with CoreStation 4 door access controllers to provide the best solution for managing the access control and security needs of the site while providing seamless integration to the overall management system.

Implementing a centralised system with CoreStation access controllers resulted in having a more secure and stable access control solution with rich features that can manage current and future needs. By providing flexible personal data storage, encrypted communications and other GDPR-ready features, the risk of mishandled personal data was also reduced.

By using Suprema’s Xpass D2 multi-credential RFID readers and DM-20 door interface modules, Absolon was able to quickly install all the equipment while providing cost savings from lowered installation time and reduced cabling costs. The compact size and industry standard DIN rail mounting of the DM-20 devices also provided efficiencies and cost reduction by using standard centralised enclosures and allowing installation close to doors.

Due to the multi-use nature of the DOCK, the client chose to use an integrated security system (ISS) in order to monitor and control all the various systems. The C4 system was selected to provide a unified interface with CCTV, parking, lift management as well as the BioStar 2 access control system. The BioStar API provided a secure and efficient pathway to integrate to the ISS, allowing all control functions, events and cardholder data to be synchronised centrally, thus allowing for more streamlined workflows for security management personnel which reduces training and operations costs.

A mobile app (Sharry Europe) will be used for controlling building systems as well as for mobile credentials.


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